Why SII Engine

Spend less time producing, and more time analyzing

Release valuable resources and time for business purposes, such as analyzing and utilizing the results for making better business decisions. Understand the link between data input and your total SCR, and optimise your business value in regards to Solvency II.

Control your SII process and reduce probability of errors

By having all 3 Pillars of Solvency II combined and integrated in one solution, you let the solution take care of distributing and documenting all data sourcing and actions done in the environment. By keeping manual work at the minimum, the quality of your SII results will be at the maximum. SII Engine also makes you fully compliant with the regulations in regards to controllability and audit trail.

Optimise your utilization of data

By having Pillar 1 and Pillar 3 integrated, the amount of data needed from your back-end systems and manual inputs is at the minimum. The SII Engine will produce and aggregate your data inputs, so all results that are required are sourced to the final QRT reports. Clients save as much as 40% of the SII data efforts, because of the intelligent reuse of data throughout the SII Engine.

Streamline and unify your internal workflow

With the SII Engine, your organization now has one single point of contact in regards to Solvency II, focusing all resources and data into one environment. Streamline your workflow from one department to another, and make it easier and more transparent to cooperate and communicate across your teams. Wether it is the management, the board or the risk department, they will all have one single understanding based on the same data, formulas and results.

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