IFRS 17 Analysis

Prepare your company for IFRS 17

The IFRS 17 will be the next big hurdle for insurance companies, who wish to follow the new reporting standard. With Solvency II already running as a crucial part of reporting, it is important to understand and prepare your organization, on how IFRS 17 should be implemented so it matches your organization and its procedures.

Another important question to cover, is how IFRS 17 should relate to your current Solvency II reporting process, what can be re-used and what do you need to develop in addition to what you already have in place, in terms of data, calculations and systems.

This Analysis Workshop, will have a look at your current system set-up and reporting process, and will result in recommendations to how data can effectively be managed and stored, and how the calculation process can be set up in a controllable and transparent environment.

In cooperation with consultants from The Financial Consulting Hub, we can in addition to the Analysis, deliver the software and services necessary, for developing your new IFRS 17 process.

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